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Ebon Hawk

Of course we can name one of them Aiden. "I'm sorry to hear you went through something like that though.

Tavaryn smiled at Alriana as she held his hand. He moved his fingers to brush against hers, the tips barely stroking the skin. He replied, "It was horrible but... I guess it is what the Jedi call the will of the Force. Everything has a purpose to it. I am just glad it brought me to you." He reached up with his free hand and caressed her cheek. "I love you."


I want to be like my father. I want to be a Jedi. What is it like to be a Jedi?

Jun-la looked down at the little Cathar and smiled. She was young and innocent still even though she had witnessed horrible things. She replied, "Then you will be a Jedi. Being a Jedi means that you take what is given to you and use it to help others." It was a simplified version of the life and a credo that had changed over the centuries. "You will find that there are some people that have gifts like yours and use it to do bad things and some don't use it like Jedi do but they still help people."


Andros checked the systems on the Ebon Hawk. They were making good time. They were alsmost back to the Ackbar. He relayed to the crew, "ETA to the Ackbar within an hour folks." He then cued in to the Ackbar, "Ebon Hawk to Ackbar, we'll be coming in about an hour. Make sure there is a parking spot."

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