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Alriana smiled gently. "Try and get some rest. According to Andros we're going to reach the Ackbar in an hour and if you don't want to end up in the Bacta tank you should get some rest."

"Well, remember when I said that some people who have gifts like you use them to hurt people? That is what it means to fall. The reasons are many. Most fall because they try to protect the people they love and sometimes they do it the wrong way. Your father wasn't a bad person. He just made a bad choice. Do you understand?"

Velra nodded. "I think I understand." She said quietly as two shimmering blue figures appeared in the main hold for a brief moment. Velra looked up and her eyes widened in shock. One was a Cathar male wearing a Jedi robe and the other was a woman wearing common clothes.

"We love you Velra." The woman's voice echoed through the ship for a brief moment. "Your mother loves you very much."

The Cathar male smiled. "And so does your father. This is the last time you can see us for a very long time. But one day you will see us again." Varith said as his daughter ran up to him and her mother. She tried to hug them only to nearly fall right through them. "I'm sorry." Velra's mother said, but we can only say good-bye."

Tears began to fall from Velra's eyes. "It's alright Velra. It's okay to cry." Varith said. "But remember, you have a new family now. And they will love you as much as we do."

Velra nodded sadly as the two force figures began to vanish and disappeared completely after a few moments. Velra looked at Jun-la.

"I want to train. I want to train so my Mother and Father will be proud."


"Copy that," Andros replied. "Maybe I can borrow Tara for the job."

'Whatever you need." Belina said. "Once you get back we may have to move the majority of the fleet. I have a feeling our position may be compromised. Try and get here as quickly as you can."
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