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Ebon Hawk

"Alright moi chroi." His expression then became mischievous and he added, "Care to join me? I might be lonely."

Alriana grinned and shook her head. "When you're feeling a bit better and not as sore. Then we'll talk." She said with an equally mischievous smile. "Now behave for awhile."

"I will teach you little one."

Velra smiled and let out a cheer. "What's the first thing I have to learn?" She asked eagerly.


"I'm pushing her to the max Admiral," Andros commented. He made an adjustment on the panel. "To buy some time you could have Admiral Garja initiate the stealth protocol I was showing him last week. It can hide the fleet's signatures."

"Sounds good." Belina responded as she turned to Garja. "You heard the man. Initiate Stealth protocol and keep an eye out for anything suspicious."

Garja turned towards the Operations officer who had already heard the request. "Stealth Protocol coming online." The Ops officer reported and then frowned.

"What is it?" Garja asked.

"Some sort of Power surge in the comn systems. Nothing to worry about, sir. I can fix it."

Belina turned to look at Garja and than turned to look at the Ops officer. "Try and lock down whatever is causing it." She said as she spoke into the ship intercom.

"Attention all hands, stand by to go to battle stations. Our position may have been compromised. All crew members are to keep an eye out for anything unusual. Report anything immediately."

Unknown to Belina and Garja and the rest of the crew of the Ackbar, a single transmission had been launched through hyper-space. A set of coordinates with two words attached.

Resistance Command
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