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Ebon Hawk

You are a harsh taskmaster moi chroi. " He sighed and added, "At least stay with me. You know I sleep better with you beside me. I promise to behave."

Alriana sighed. "Alright. Move over a bit." She said as she gently climbed into the bed. "Remember, behave yourself." She said in a teasing tone.

"First is to learn about the Force and how to sense and draw upon it."

"How do you sense it? And how do you use it?" She asked eagerly and then paused for a moment. "And what does it feel like when you do sense it?"

Fourth Sith Battle Fleet.

"Captain. Incoming transmission. Text only."

The Commander of the Fourth Sith Battle fleet looked up from his report to see a set of coordinates appear on the screen with two words. Resistance Command.

"Contact High Command on Coruscant. Inform them that it appears one of our spies has finally managed to locate the majority of the Resistance Leaders. Transmit the coordinates to High command and inform the rest of the Battle Fleet that we may be moving out shortly."
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