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Ebon Hawk

"There is a storm coming little one. It is loud even in my ears. How about you try for something a little quieter? Something smaller? "

Velra closed her eyes and took a deep breath and tried to focus on something other than the coming storm. She could feel...something. Something that was hard to put into words.

"I can feel it...all around me. It feels almost like the air around me is surrounding me, enveloping me and flowing through me. I've never felt anything like this before."


"Alpha team is sweeping the ship. Should we do anything else?"

"Keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior." Belina instructed. She looked out the bridge's window at the Death's Head and her eyes widened as a sudden thought shot through her head.

What if this isn't just a mission to spy on us?! What if this is a sabotage mission?!

"Open a channel to the Death's Head! Immediately!"

"Channel open Admiral."

"Admiral Velerc. We may have a saboteur aboard the Ackbar and I believe that whoever it is may have sabotaged your ship as well. You may have an intruder on board."

Velerc's voice came back through the comnlink. "Acknowledged Admiral Belina. We're locking down the ship now. Do you require addition for-..."

The comnlink abruptly closed as the lights aboard both the Ackbar and Death's Head shut down and three massive explosions erupted from the Death's Head. One was from the engines on the back of the vessel and another was from the very front of the ship.

The third erupted from the Death's Head's bridge and a smaller explosion erupted from the battle bridge.

"Dad..." Belina whispered in horror.

"Shut down the engines NOW!" She shouted in case the Ackbar's engines were about to explode so they could minimize the potential damage.

She opened up a ship-wide comnlink. "Attention! All hand's to battle stations! I repeat, all hands to Battle Stations! This is not a drill! All emergency personal to the shuttle-bay and report to the Death's Head. All hands are to report to intruder alert stations! All Non-essential personal are to stay in their quarters."

The Ackbar shuddered slightly as a small explosion shook the ship. "Battle Bridge is offline!"

The Death's Head's bridge... She thought in horror. "Evacuate the Bridge!" She shouted urgently. "Lock down all systems from engineering!"
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