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Valek awoke in the Cargo Hold on the Ebon Hawk, with his weaponry slumped all over the floor. How unprofessional. He got up with a groan, and he felt like crap. What the hell happened? He distinctly remembered facing that one Dark Jedi and then Tyrannus, but nothing much more than that. Shaking the though, he collected the many grenades and shell casing scattered across the floor. Must've passed out when I got on the Hawk or something.

He rubbed his head as he placed the last grenades on his belt. He holstered his weapons and then donned his helmet. His boots made a reverberating metallic echo as he walked through the corridors of the ship. He ran into Xandros.

"Hey Xandros, what happened? I appear to be having a case of amnesia.", Valek asked.

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