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Ebon Hawk

"It feels...It feels like warmth." Velra said simply. "It feels like warmth all around me."

Alriana could feel Tavaryn twitch in his sleep but she was nearly asleep herself. She could sense...chaos...fear...loss of life through the force.

Her eyelids began to twitch as she continued to sense whatever this was through the force.

"Hey Xandros, what happened? I appear to be having a case of amnesia.",

"We're on our way back to the Ackbar as we speak. But something is wrong." he muttered. "I can feel a great disturbance in the force."


"Have you heard from the Hawk? Are we in danger?" At that moment Kaillian piped up, "Trouble Belina."

"We have reports of secondary explosions coming from the crew quarters Admiral!" Garja called out as the Ackbar rocked from another explosion near the engines. Belina's eyes were drawn to one of the screens which was showing power fluctuations on nearly all the bridge consoles and then she looked back to Matton and Kaillian.

"Evacuate!" She shouted urgently as she grabbed the two of them and pushed them back through the bridge doors as the rest of the bridge crew evacuated through the doors closest to them.

Belina heard a loud explosion echo from behind her and she knew instantly what she had to do. It was the duty of the Military to protect and serve and right now she knew exactly who needed her. She threw her body between the incoming shrapnel and debris and Matton and Kaillian.

"Get as far from the bridge as you can." She whispered as she hit the ground with a thud.
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