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Alriana's eyes shot open as she heard Tavaryn shout and as she felt the massive disturbance ripple through the force.

"Someone's been hurt." She said without preamble.

"You don't think something happened to the Ackbar while we were away, do you?"

"I think so." Xandros said quietly. "The sith or someone else must have hit them while we were gone."


"You're coming too. Don't quit on me or I'll never hear the end of it."

Belina couldn't respond. There was a large amount of shrapnel in her back and she could barely focus on Tariq's voice through the pain she was feeling as her blood stained the floor red.

She was facing one of the bridge windows and could see the Death's Head listing heavily to starboard as rescue shuttles from the Ackbar headed towards the large Star Destroyer.

"Get...Dad." She managed to gasp through the pain as an officer ran past and saw Belina and shook his head. "Admiral! We've managed to reroute command functions to Engineering. Short-range Senors have picked up three Sith Warships entering firing range. They'll be here in three minutes."

"Get Shields back online." Belina gasped again as she tried to fight against the pain. "Send out a distress call on all frequencies."

"Yes Admiral!"

The officer ran to a console and began transmitting. "This is the Resistance Vessel Ackbar to anyone out there. Our ship has been crippled by explosions and we are about to come under attack by Sith Forces! We require immediate assistance. I repeat, This is the Ackbar requesting assistance from anyone out there."
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