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Ebon Hawk

Someone's been hurt.

Tavaryn barely heard Alriana since he was looking wildly around the medical bay. He was focusing on what he was sensing and said, "Belina..." He frowned as he sensed her injuries but he was also picking up on Kaillian's fear. "It's bad... Sith forces..." He was frowning since it like getting a headache. He rubbed his head feeling frustrated.

In the main hold Jun-la looked around. She knew that things were precarious. She called out, "Andros, send the emergency signal. With luck a few friends will answer."

Thought Jedi didn't believe in luck. But on it master.

Jun-la nodded and looked at Velra, "Are you okay little one?"


Matton pulled up the admiral and with Tariq's help managed to drag her to the medical bay. He said, "Come on Belina. I thought you were the toughest one there is."

Kaillian was still as if she knew that by holding still she wouldn't get into trouble as Tariq was holding her. She reached out and gently poked Belina's shoulder. "Beli okay?"

The Lancer

"Receiving a transmission from the Ackbar, sir."

Selene Ordo gave the order to hear it. She recognized it. She ordered, "Send reply that Clan Ordo is on its way. Also relay to any other clans that our allies need our help. Call the Avalonians too. Can't start a party without them."

"On it."

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