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Ebon Hawk

"It's bad... Sith forces..."

Alriana's eyes narrowed for a moment. "They picked the worst possible time to hit the fleet." She said quietly.

"Are you okay little one?"

Velra nodded. "I...can sense someone's pain. So many people are hurt." She said quietly.


"Come on Belina. I thought you were the toughest one there is."

Belina muttered something under her breath about Matton as she was laid down on one of the med-bay beds on her stomach and the Chief medical officer ran over. "We have medical teams all over the ship. So far, seventeen confirmed dead aboard the Ackbar and at least thirty two dead on the Death's Head.

"Beli okay?"

Belina didn't move her head. "Beli's okay." She managed to whisper. "Someone get Garja. We have sith forces moving in on us and we don't have a functional command bridge anymore. Last I heard our engines are out as well."

The Ackbar shook violently as Turbolaser blasts began to rock the ship. "Tell Garja to prepare all non-essential personal for evacuation."

Another officer ran into the medbay. "We have an incoming transmission. Clan Ordo says they're on their way."

"Reinforce the shields. We need to hold out until they get here."

The three sith ships began to circle the two wounded command ships. Two of them began firing at the Death's Head while the other one began launching torpedoes along with turbolasers at the Ackbar.
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