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Ebon Hawk

They picked the worst possible time to hit the fleet.

Tavaryn could agree but his head was hurting worse. There were lots of voices and while he was good at blocking them out, he wasn't adept enough in the Force to calm it. What little he had was painfully inadequate. The last time he felt this way was when Alderaan was destroyed. He leaned against the wall and rubbed his temples trying to focus. Too many voices, he ended up projecting.


Andros was ready to go and had the Hawk's quad lasers up and ready. They exited hyperspace and he came across three ships firing on the Death's Head and the Ackbar. He keyed in, "Ackbar this is the Ebon Hawk. We've arrived and engaging the enemy." He then keyed to the main hold, "Everyone strap yourselves in. We've got a big party going on."


I...can sense someone's pain. So many people are hurt.

Jun-la nodded as she placed the child into one of the seats. She replied, "With the Force, anything is possible. You can sense the future, the past, emotions..." She sensed her uncle's agitation. She looked in his direction with concern on her face.


Beli's okay.

Kaillian was somewhat satisfied with it as her father took her back from Tariq. She then said, "Needs to tease Tavy. Beli good fwiend."

Matton held his daughter and said, "I guess non-essentials include us. I'll get her there and Belina, I suggest you hang in there. It's not pretty dealing with a grieving Avalonian." He looked at Tariq as he checked his datapad to see where he was to take Kaillian.

The Lancer

"We are coming up on the coordinates, sir."

Selene looked out the window of the bridge or cockpit... whatever the hell it was. She watched as the familiar strobes of hyperspace receded and they came upon the two command ships of the resistance being fired upon. She saw the stock freighter known as the Ebon Hawk zooming around. She guessed that young apprentice of Jun-la's was flying since Jun-la and her uncle were more like his father; his father didn't mind flying but anything like that was suicide.

She looked at the oncoming battle and a smile came to her lips. More Mandalorian vessels were coming and they had some leverage. She said, "Commence attack. Draw the fire away from the command ships and give them hell. For Mandalore!"

The pilot nodded and began to maneuver while the comms officer said, "This is the Lancer. We are engaging the enemy."

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