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Ebon Hawk

Too many voices

Alriana turned to look at him and as she sensed his discomfort. "Hold still." She said gently as she placed a hand on each side of his head and focused on trying to block or at least calm the voices as best she could.

"With the Force, anything is possible. You can sense the future, the past, emotions..."

Velra nodded as she was strapped into her seat but she also looked over towards the medbay as she sensed Tavaryn's distress.


"Ackbar this is the Ebon Hawk. We've arrived and engaging the enemy."

Garja ran from console to console in Engineering as they continued trying to set up a functional command post. Some of the work was done but there was still quite a bit to be done and the Ackbar's frequent shaking from the turbolaser blasts and proton torpedo impacts wasn't helping.

"Admiral! We need to shut down the main reactor! We may have a breach on our hands soon with the damage we've taken."

"Contact the Mandalorian ships." Garja instructed. "Let them know we're shutting down Main power and our reactor to prevent a breach."

"We've got power surges all through the ship! Our main systems are beginning to overload."

"Emergency shutdown NOW!" Garja shouted as another officer called out. "Two more Sith ships dropping out of hyperspace."

Garja was about to open the ship wide intercom to order an evacuation as the two other sith ships surrounded the Ackbar one on each side and began to fire turbolasers into the sides of the wounded vessel.

"More incoming ships! They're not Sith though, I can't get a sensor lock on them."

The ship wide intercom on both the Death's Head and the Ackbar were filled with static for a moment as the system was hacked by one of the ships.

"Copaani gaan?"

Garja was confused for a moment as he tried to identify the word. "Translate that." He ordered. One of the other officers smiled. "It's Mandalorian for 'Need a hand?'

Garja grinned.

Mandalorian Warship kom'rk

Commander Rikis of the Fourth Mandalorian Battle-fleet looked over the reports from the battle computer. "Tell the adenn, dralshy'a and kandosii to protect the Ackbar. Get rid of the ships attacking it.

"Identify the ships already here."

"They bear the insignia of Clan Ordo. Sir. What about the Sith Vessel attacking the Death's Head?"

"Looks like a Sith Battleship. More heavily armed than the other vessels. Bring us about and fire turbolasers and torpedoes. Let's get their attention."
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