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I'm feeling meh today. Had a dream I won alot of $$$ on one of those slot machines that they have in some restaurants and bars, only to be told it was broke and only meant that's the score i got. then i woke up. hope the rest of the day goes well. It is really nice out, I must've got around 9 hours of sleep after watching Hemlock Grove. I'm just about out of groceries, I got milk and a 28 case of bottled water at walmart yesterday. I'm making shrimp noodle soup? for lunch, the microwavable thing my grandma sent home with my parents. lol I'm feeling quite accomplished since I got that job at Sams, now i'm just thinking "what next" guess i gotta continue working out and getting in better shape. I want to be in top physical condition...I have no appetite though, which I'm pretty grateful of, and convinced it's the bupropion's side effect. At least I'll save some money on food, lose the weight i need to, then I'll start eating healthy (chicken, fish) high protein foods and build up my muscles. idk.

I'm probably going to take my dog for a walk today. I'm on my 2nd day of resting, and since I have bottled water, getting hydrated...this week I have to get my pushup and situp count up, I have a APFT next sunday.

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