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I think I have found a game breaking bug. For some reason Vima Sunrider is not on Aid station. She is just nowhere to be found. So cannot complete the quest. Darth Vimack acts weird, on aid station she refuses to follow the player as companions should. Also sometimes when I enter my ship she doublicates herself inside the cell or nearby it. So now I have a bunch of Vimack's clones. They all talk the same lines as the original one.
Is there a way to somehow cheat and auto-complete this quest, or maybe to spawn Vima so I will be able to talk to her? I really like this mod, I am enjoying it, and I dont want to replay it from the old save (It is very old, I did a lot of things after I checked Aid station for the first time. I just thought that I just dont understand what I need to do to find Vima, so I decided to do this quest the last one). If not, is there theoreticly a way to use Kotor Tool to fix it (for example to place Vima somewhere).
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