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Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
The only thing Trex is waiting for his final version are lines from one person then he's releasing it. Just imagine the effort it would take to create all new dialogue for all the characters that refer to the Exile. Then after you imagine that, just think about how difficult it would be to get all the folks that originally voiced those lines to record new ones.

Trex - and I freely admit that I'm guessing here - probably wanted to make the use the Exile's canon gender. [Note that I didn't say "cannon" because in this instance, that would wrong. So many people seem to misuse the word on Star Wars forums. But I digress. . .] If that's the case, the Exile being set as female is intentional.
Well can you keep it in mind and possibly add a male option for the Exile please? I never take control of female NPC's in games. It just isn't proper. I liked the Exile being male in Kotor 2 and it would have been better if he was given a voice and not just dialogue lines.
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