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This is a new comer here who just got a Gamecube this chritmas along with Rogue Leader. An extreamely visualy impressive game, but that does mean it's good. So far i've had nothing but a pian in the ass time with these levels, not because they're hard, but they're not as fun as the original rogue squadron. I'm not trying to knock the game, i still love it, i wouldn't be writing this otherwise. but i'm acctualy stuck on Razor Rendevous, i seem to have trouble surviving against a star destroyer. if anyone has some stratagies for me i'm all ears, but i'm more interested in some passcodes that might be available. good ones thought, not those retarded credits or behind the sences or what ever the hell they have. so anything you have would be helpful, thanx for reading and keep enjoying anything lucasarts has to offer.

(p.s. that's not my name, it just sounds funny doesn't it, lol)
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