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There are no helpful passcodes yet I saw haggarte as a passcode to open all levels but it doesn't work on razor rendezous what i do is get my wingmen to either keep the ties from killing the frigate or form to keep ties off me then i fold up the B wing race in and if you don't care about medals ( you can just get medals on the second time around after you have beat it) so from pretty long range shoot the turbolasers on the side that the frigate is on not the other side the turbolasers are the things that shoot those funky blue things and then go and kill the tie's then it will say the frigate is all clear or something get your wingmen to form up or go after guns ignore the tie's shoot the heck out of the two things on top then dive underneath and shoot that big bulge thing ( it will appear yellow in the targeting computer) then I think that there is something that you have to shoot the control deck and pray after that i have no idea i have not beaten it yet so if anyone who has beat it has some pointers better than mine feel free
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