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Join the Rebel Squadrons!!!

I'm Colonel Garrik Loran of the Rebel Squadrons. And as you probably know. I'm here recruiting.

The Rebel Squadrons has over 7 Fleets. Each Fleet uses one or more of LucasArts StarWars games. Like Xwing, TIE Fighter, XvT, XWA, Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, etc. We also have a Fleet for simming. RPG kinda stuff. For games with multiplayer capabilities. We have online battles against other gaming clubs. Like Emperor's Hammer, Star Vipers, and... I can't remember some of them. The RS has more than 340 members. From around the world. Blah blah... If I haven't bored you yet I'm amazed. Here's the main site for the RS. Join form is at

Colonel Garrik Loran
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