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A small (or not?) request.

I've been around here and for 'bout 3 years, never really 'left' the forums. I've been a pretty good moderator over at the Gold Squadron Passcode forum of, I never abused my moderator powers there. I'm online 'bout 13 hours a day, usually checking out the forums, occasionally posting. I know a little html and I can make some multiplayer levels for Mysteries of the Sith. I have about every game listed on these forums, at least all the ones that are out. Well, I was just wondering if I could join the JKnet Staff, and help by moderating the forums here (specifically the Battle for Naboo and TPM boards).

-Rogue15 (aka Garindan)

Battle is a pure form of expression. It is heart and discipline, reduced to movement and motion. In battle, the words are swept away, giving way to actions-- mercy, sacrifice, anger, fear. These are pure moments of expression.
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