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Post Insight on the 'Wraith Squadron' RPG!

I will now show you all the details of our RPG.
Our RPG is called:Wraith Squadron

Its a couple of years before the battle of Yavin.
We are a Commando X-wing squadron. Our base of operation is stationed on an asteroide. we will do operations from there. The asteroide field is located between these planets:
Nall Hutta
Someone gave me this link to a map of the Star Wars galaxie. look it over and you will see where we are.

For the character you choose. it will not have to be someone from the book. I will use one. because im him all the time here on RS
and i think The Master will to.
I would like to ask if someone can also add some good qualities. like Medic or communications or Bomb expert. i will be intrusion. and captain

Well that is it for our information on the beginning. the rest will be along inside the RPG!

what is up?

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