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Post Rules and other info!!

Ill post some rules here.

1. We have only one character in this RPG. you can not be multiple characters. (like some of you like to ) you can talk for certain people ofcourse.. like some droid or Imperial people. but not take another character on for the show or something.

2. We will not be any Jedi or Sith. because when we get into those things, we will have a lot of Hocus Spocus around here and i just want a normal RPG without complicated stuff.
Ofcourse you can have the use over the force if you want to... just a feeling... no real Jedi or Sith powers. if you realy want.. you can also carry a lightsaber. but explain why you have it in the other thread. ... BTW if you realy like the force. read the sig

3. Questions. please ask them here. so that we dont have useless posts in the rpg. ok?

4. Please dont use sigs. they will only mess up the RPG. just posts with replies. ok? thank you!


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