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People who are joining in this RPG:
Dark Sad Shadow
Devil Doll
Lizard Queen
Kyle d'Tana
The Master
Wraith 8

This is not the final bunch. im hoping that Death and Rogue 15 would join us. but they havent responded to my thread.

we will all have designations. like the real Rogues and Wraiths.
I will be Wraith 1. leader of the Wraiths. my executive officer is The Master, Wraith 2. The rest of you are ranked: flight officer ok? or perhaps some of you would like to have a rank. if you do .. say so.
Ok the designations:

Wraith 8: Captain. Wraith one (1)
The Master: XO. Wraith two (2)
Devil Doll: Flight officer. Wraith three (3)
Lizard Queen: Flight officer. Wraith four (4)
Redwing: Flight officer. Wraith five (5)
Dark Sad Shadow: Flight officer. Wraith six (6)
Kyle d'Tana: Flight officer. Wraith eight (7)
EvilApplePie: Flight officer. Wraith...... wait a sec .

Let me know if you would like a rank. but you can not be higher than me ... cause im the captain
Flight groups will be assigned in the RPG

what is up?

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