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OK.... so far we have a lot of people in this RPG. wich is way cool tho .
I just wanted to tell you all who is in this RPG and what and who they are:

Dark Sad Shadow
Devil Doll
The Master
Lizard Queen
Kyle D'tana
Captain Rave
(and S1DC i believe)

Wraith 8: Garik Loran, Captain. Wraith one (1)
The Master: Ton Phanan, XO. Wraith two (2)
Devil Doll: Hassany, Mechanic, Flight officer. Wraith three (3)
Lizard Queen: Jekary Duran, Flight officer. Wraith four (4)
Redwing: Racshel Sheire, Flight officer. Wraith five (5)
Dark Sad Shadow: 'Shadow', Flight officer. Wraith six (6)
Kyle d'Tana: (guess!) Flight officer. Wraith seven (7)
EvilApplePie: Charlie Dios, Medical officer. Wraith eight (8)
Deac: Orthos Darkstar, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Wraith nine (9)

Captain Rave: Jake Lloyd, rank ??
GUNNER: name??, Lieutenant.

Now i hope you all use this wisely !
and Redwing..... read the insights again. we are Wraith squadron before alderaan blew up... its just the tale. and im always Garik Loran you know... except in the duel.

-Wraith 8-

what is up?
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