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Welcome to the party! We're going to blow up the place, but something's not right...

*The party overlook a gantry to see an interesting conversation...*

Syrnl: Alternate universe eh?
Cloaked figure: Yes. It is odd seing you this way brother...
Syrnl: And that's true here as well?
Figure: You have been misled.
Syrnl: Well, I'm glad you could make it. But, you can't stay long, can you?
Figure: My sword shall return if I die.
Syrnl: I sense something! Starkiller!

*The party is immeadialty targeted by troopers. Deac leaps from the gantry but they don not fire.*

Syrnl: Deac Starkiller, meet your alternate universe double, Deac Darkstar. Not like that evil clone of the two of us, but where you are the powerful one and I had to be the wuss.
EvilDeac: I've heard of you. I must say, I'm disgusted.

So am I.

Syrnl: And another thing Starkiller:


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