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As Battledog's troops entered the room in the Imperial Base, Rwos looked down at his damaged teleporter. It was crackling with familiar blue energy and a red light was blinking on it. Rwos looked up and called: "Deac! Something's wrong!" That light means that a dimensional portal has been opened somewhere in the immediate vicinity...but how? He looked up again: "Deac!" Deac did not answer. With sudden realization, Rwos looked at his hand. It was wreathed with tiny streams of blue energy, each multiplying and growing thicker by the minute...

The Darkstars and Deac began to duel, fighting right over Rwos' head. Rwos leaped up to help his friend, but his blade passed right through Syrnyl. Frustrated, Rwos, whacked the teleporter. Useless...once activated, the teleporter's sequence could not be stopped until its cycle was completed. Then an explosion tore through the wall next to the fighters. Deac looked over, momentarily distracted. Something slipped into Syrnyl's hand...and Deac fell violently to the ground in a flash of light. With his free hand, Syrnyl used a circular device to open a glowing portal next to them. With the assistance of the stranger, they dragged Deac through it. With nothing else to do, Rwos leaped through the portal just as it closed and just before his teleporter blinked him out of reality.


((OOS: Hey, guys, I think it's an excellent time for the next Cantina RPG!! ))

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