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*Corzip and Death are left standing surrounded by these creatures. One of them was Dragging something. it was a body. a dead body. Corzip looked carefully. 'OH NO!' he thought, cause it was Darkforse. He sent Darkforse to get Garik back here with air cover. he was jumped by one of them. and now he was dead. Corzip needed to control his anger. cause he was slipping to the dark side with this. He saw Darkforse his lightsabe ,wich he got from another Jedi killed in battle, hanging on his belt. He focussed and with the force he grabbed the lightsaber. 'Bye my friend. you were a great help' he activated his own lightsaber and The lightsaber of Darkforse. Death was beside him. she also ignited her lightsaber. they were ready for battle.*
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