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((OOC: do we have any idea how these creatures look?))

*Corzip had been guided into a room by the creatures attacks. he was alone in there. He was still using the Yellow and Orange bladed lightsabers to fight off the creatures.
He keeps slashing and dicing them. Then he feels some fear risingin Death and Deac. He hopes they are alright. Then suddenly some injured creature stood up andattacked him again.
This is not right. he slashed his way to the door and made jump in the air at a couple of these beasts that were trying to attack Death by air. he cut them down and landed beside Death. Corzip first looked at his face... and than followed her stare. When is face was pointed at the Queen, his mouth just fell open.*

Oh good lord of the Force.

*And around Death, Deac, Rwos and Corzip, all creatures began healing.*

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