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*Corzip sees that Deac has been eaten by the beats. But he feels he is still alive. He hears faint noises that sounds like shots.
the creatures around them are fully healed. Corzip re-activates his sabers. he didnt even kne he de-activated them. He took the pose for defence. and at his back Death did the same.
in front of him a creature decided to attack and to his right also.
with his right saber. he slashed the creature in fron of him and with his left saber he shis-cabbabed the other. The creatures fell dead to the ground. He saw the queen looking at the flying RWOS. he was her next lunch meal. *

Death? im gonna go after this queen thing. you have to go without a wingmate for now.

*Death nodded, but he looked as he could handle himself pretty well. Corzip stormed ahead. slashing and dicing the creatures he encountered. He was closing at the queen when he got jumped from one behind. the beast swinged at him with his claw and hurt Corzip bad. He winged it off him. He stood and he realized that he was standing next to the queens leg. the other beasts were still coming. he jumped and and sliced threw the leg.*
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