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Deac um, I make my own stuff so if the planet is destroyed then me gets money for selling MEAD

begins mumbling "delecious mead" over and over again

Will I be payed for this adventure.

Unknown Jedi now enters and interupts

You do that again Jedi, you will see why I am named Odin

The sky suddenly becomes cloudy, lightning is heard in the distance, a cold wind blows down street in front of the alley

[oos yes it is me changing the weather and not a sudden storm]

Let me introduce myself. I am Odin, leader of the Einherjiar, I can control the force although I have no formal training. I love Ale, and MEAD wonderful mead. I am an expert with a lightsaber, and traditional swords pats the sword on his belt. Through years of practive I'm an expert shot. Prefering to act as a sniper. In other words I'm very dangerous, and did I mention I like to drink.

Deac, is this on a planet, or in space, that use my ship I think I fixed the cloaking device.

If you agree meet me on pad 345 in an hour. For those slow that is pad 345 where my ship is docked. Or is it 354 um no definetly 345.


leaves cantina

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