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*walking to the cockpit of the shuttle, Cracken waves his hand, and the shuttle systems come to life, sitting down, in the pilot's chair, Deac sits in the co-pilots, and starts preflight checks*

No, I was unaware of many of the Emperor's projects. I was found when i was little, just a small child, on one of the planet's that was to be cleansed of the Jedi during the Purge. Vader saw my potential, and brought me before the Emperor, who trained me in the Sith and the Dark Side of the Force. He kept me in line and from waving from his leashe by keeping my family interned and in prison. After the Emperor's death at Endor, his last orders in a death Communication was to kill a political prisoners. My family was in the list. I seek revenge, not any direct aid to any rebellion.

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