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The Empire Strikes back, with the Zerg:

This is almost no surprise for the the Fleet Executor, he had "felt" the Zerg's presence several days ago, little after the Imperial fleet had fled. The Zerg were very well known to the Protoss, especially their ludicrous way to prolifirate. From previous wars they had against them the Protoss had learnt how to deal with the Zerg's omnipresence in a battle. A war isn't won by the number but by wiseness, and the Protoss mastered this.

The past few days were more than enough to built a great colony in the nearly devestated Colony thanks to Teleport technology and it's quickness. In only those few days the Protoss Colony had become extremly greater then what took centuries fot the planet inhabitants to built and only took a few seconds to destroy. The Protoss had teleported everything, Robotic Facilities, Support Bays Observatories, Fleet Beacons, Citadels of Adun, Templar Archives, and much much more but most importantly, several PPSG were teleported in almost every part of the planet. One PPSG was more than enough to protect the whole planet against any type of laser fire, even a Death Star laser would bounce off if fired. The Fremen can't help but to feel useless, but they still seek revenge for the dead ones...

Thanks to thousands of Gateways and Stargates that were teleported on the planet and the Abundance of Vespen Gaz and Spice Melange the Protoss were able to obtain an army so great that the first arriving fleet that caused such devastation to the Empire was now considered a squadron. Carriers, Scouts, Corsairs and Arbiters replaced the skies and filled the empty spaces of space. Twas the same situation on the planet, Zealots, Dragoons and the devastating Reavers had almost repopulated the planet. The Empire had surely not considered the possiblity of the Protoss proliferating as they advanced with the Zerg towards a Carrier that was just a mere drop of an ocean.

Zergs managed to enter the planet. Once this was realized, all PPSG were activated at 100% making it impossible to bypass the Plasma Shield that surrounded the planet. But this didn't mean that the Protoss located on the Planet were safe, Zergs were known to grow like weed with only one Drone. Spores and Sunken Colonies were appearing. Xesson quickly orders Dragoons and Reavers to try and Contain the Zerg Colony and stop it from expanding while it was still time, they weren't much but not for long if nothing was done. Protoss aimed for the Drones, Larvas, Overlords but most importantly the Hatchery to try and stop the parasite growth:

"Target located"

As the Reavers take care of the Hatchery, the Dragoons slowly wipe out Zerglins, the Hydralisk are tougher and manage to end a few of the Dragoon's lives... Scouts rush in to take care of the Larvas who are hard to spot from the ground, they also manage to kill kill several Overlords. Observers are on code red to alert any new Zerg Colony or wandering Drones.

In Space, the Empire slowly discover the Hugeness of the new fleet as they start losing their first fighters. Interceptors do their best against the Scourges but they are many, Scouts arrive to protect the Carriers. The Real War Has Begun.

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