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*On planet, Zerg are extinguished, diying by the thousands, Larve try to flee, only to be destroyed, drones flee, to planet, and millions keep this attempt up. Hours pass, the Protoss, now wery, are stuggling to keep up. Overlords unleash hordes of drones, thousands, millions, colonies of Zerg rising and falling, each attempt more succesful than the last!

In space, the immense Imperial Fleet Hyperspaces in, and unleashes a volly of torpedo's and concussion missles. The carriers, aware of the oncomming threat, had thier fighter screens up, only to see them annihilated by the barrage of missiles and projectiles. Millions of fighter craft capitalize on this, and launch from the bays of the Star Destroyers, streaking toward the target. With Protoss Stargates on the planet, the only way re-enforcements can arrive is if the shield is taken down to move the increadably slow carriers, leaveing the planet open to the awaiting Zerg overlord horde. The fleet now closes in, fighters over powering and now out numbering the Protoss fighters, and the Imperials gain the advantage. A carrier explodes off the port side of the Yamato , as it dives into the heart of the battle.*

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