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The Zergs were suffering heavy losses but faster and faster more were rising, the Protoss were still containing them but for how long?

Because the Sields had to be powered down so that teleported fleets could participate in the Space Battle more Zergs were penetrating the planet. The capability of the Shields to power down on selective shield surface areas made this infiltration at its minimum. But unfortunatly for the Zergs the Protoss had activated their Photon Cannons that were teleported on all of the planets surface. These Photon Cannons exterminared nearly every Overlords, all defensless, before they could unload.

In Space the Protoss witness their first casualties, as a Carrier explodes close to the Yamato, it's explosif debrees damaging it a bit. This exploding crashing Carrier headed directly to an opened shield area and crashed on a Zerg colony located on the planet, some ground Protoss units are killed but the Zerg suffer the most. The Carrier Executor is not worried:

"I must give credit to these Imperial nonsense that managed to destroy some of our units. So it appears that this Carrier squadron that is participating isn't enough. Send in more! For Adun!"

Then from the other side of the Planet and the dark side of its moon, also colonized by the Protoss thanks to an artificial atmosphere, appears a Colosal number of Protoss units. The Scouts rush on the Impoerial fleet and the Corsairs move in on the Zergs. Their number are so great that almost each imperial fighter have three Scouts on their tail. Uncountable Overlords are killed before they can reach the opened areas of the planet's Shield, those who make it through the shields are destroyed by the Photon Cannons.
The Empire who thought they had the advantage were starting to have doubt as hundreds of fighters were destroyed and the first Star Destroyers were being boarded or turned into space dust:

"This is Zealot Executor, we've succesfully boarded several Star Destroyers and we have already engaged the ennemy. For Adun! "

the Interceptors were a nightmare for the Imperial fleet they were too fast and too many. For now the Protoss were doing well against the Empire and Zerg without the help of Deac and his Santhanas Juggernauts, but this was no reason for them not to participate in the battle...
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