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*As Grendal jumps out of HyperSpace, he immedately has to dodge dibris and friendly and enemy fire, he's jumped right into the middle of the fight...*

*Although he prefers the ground attack on foot, he can still dog fight a few enemy fighters*

*But sence he's fighting along with Imperial Fighters, and he is flying in a craft that still resembles an Old Rebel Fighter, he decides to attempt a landing on the planet, this way he'd see more of his kind of action....*

*Before Grendal is able to start a decent, Grendal is accidently hit by friendly fire*

Grendal: "You fool! Who's side are you on!"

Fighter: "Im for the Empire! You Rebel Scum!"

Grendal: "You Moron, If the Emperior finds out the you shot at a Superior Officer--"

*Before Grendal finishes his sentence, he gets hit by enemy fire and starts an uncontroled decent into the planet!*

*As Grendal tries hard to get control of his craft teh fighter who shot him (knowing he'd die anyway becuase of his foolishness) nudges Grendal's X-Wing so it will level out, while sacrificing hjis own life.*

Grendal: "Now that was awfullly Polite of him..." *shrugs* "R5, we're making our decent"

*by this time the shield around the planet was compremised, just enough for a fighter to make a landing*
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