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The Distruction of the moon encovered the yet another Protoss fleet that was behind it. The Fleet Executor regret not having ordered the teleportation of a PPSG on the moon but it was now too late. All the Carriers that had to leave the planet to participate into space battle had finished doing so, the Shield was now optimal at 5903 %, with no opened areas, making it impossible to penetrate. But the Zergs were already in.. Thanks to the shields now being fully operational, the Superlaser was only a menace for the Carriers, the Destroyer that had it had to be destroyed:

"This is Scout Executor, The Destroyer that fired is new, it is equiped with advanced shielding but still inferior to ours. Reaching the hull will take too much time and victims will be too many if this new type laser is fired again. Observers! Scan the ship for detailed analysis! For Adun"

"Ship Scanned. known to the Empire as an Eclipse Class Star Destroyer, code name Akira. Bio-scan reveals a great number of ennemy lifeform with exact same DNA code signature. Transferring detailed structural data to all units."

As every protoss units receive the data, the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer holds no more secrets to it's structural organisation. It was as if they Protoss received the Destroyer's blue print. But the Fleet Executor was curious on this DNA anomaly, he ordered a rescan but the results were still the same:

"Clones, they have used the ancient cloning technology. This will make it easy to eliminate them...but for now: To all units boarded in the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer I will transfer you the proper information concerning the Superlaser cannon, your mission objective has been updated, you must destroy the SuperLaser."

"This is Zealot Infiltration Executor, the imperial troops are using Terran technology weaponry that can harm our shields and they are too much, we are suffering a great number of loss! The SuperLaser is out of our reach!"

"Very well, Fleet Executor! Order the teleportation of our Zealots out of there, make sure they bring a DNA sample of an ennemy trooper. Give the proper orders to paralyze this destroyer and stop it from firing. You have my permission to use the Dark Templars to infiltrate and destroy the SuperLaser. For Adun!"

"For Adun Executor! begin Teleportation of Elite Dark Templars in the destroyer"

The Dark Templars were immediatly teleported.

"To Arbiter Executor, use Stasis to paralyze the Destroyer! For Adun!"

The Arbiters trap the destroyer within a Stasis Field.While trapped, the destroyer cannot be damaged, move, attack, or use special abilities and the Dark Templars ar on their own.
These mighty warriors, drawing secret powers from the cold void of the cosmos, are able to bend light around themselves, which renders them virtually invisible. Armed with modified Psi-Blade technology to easily eliminate anyone that comes in their way. Hundreds of troopers seem to die by themselves as they fail to grasp what is going on. The permanent cloaking ability of all Dark Templar makes their disabling mission towards the SuperLaser's generator a walk on the park:

"We have arrived. Destroy it."

A few strikes of Psi-Blades is enough to turn generator to dust as they head towards the Core of the SuperLaser. All Imperial witness to this havoc that comes from nowhere die quickly. The Core is reached and a few seconds later destroyed, nothing can stop the Dark Templars.

"First objectives completed, heading towards shield generator"

Again, these ghost swiftly reap death on their passage and disable the Shield Generator.

"Second Objective completed. Teleportation begining"

The Eclipse Class Star Destroyer was now defensless and without it's SuperLaser. As the Stasis Shield went down the Dark Templars could leave and the Destroyer was fired upon. The Dark Templars, these silent assasins were as invincible as they were invisible, the ennemy couldn't understand what just happened.
Thousands of interceptors and Scouts target the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer, they fire and cause it to explode and seperate in two parts, on of them slowly crashes out of control towards the sun as the other heads towards the planet. The Huge mass that was heading for the planet had barely touch the PPSG's shield that it exploded in a severe blast causing thousands of small and medium imperial ships and Zergs to be destroyed, the Protoss were protected by their Plasma Shielding and The PPSG remained at optimal efficiency. The second chunk of what used to be the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer was quickly nearing the sun as surviving passengers despretly fight for the escape pods.
Meanwhile, on the planet, the Protoss are having more and more trouble to contain the Zergs. Te Fremen allie themselves with the Sarduakar and under Deac and Zassek's leading they engage the ennemy.
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