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*Cracken, now beaten, and paralized, quaked with anger. Never could a being be more power than he, and to humiliate him in such a way was death. The anger swelled in him, and reached it's point. if he could not have this planet, it would be DESTROYED. Realeasing all his hate and rage, saddness and anger, he unleashed a spherical nova of dark energy, breaking the bond which held him, he aimed his hands down, and muttered an ancient Sith spell. He would not loose, even if it ment his LIFE. The column of energy emitted struck the planet, driving to the unstable core.

It hit the core, ignighting once again what the Death Star III begain, a chain reaction which would culminate in the destruction of this world.

He looked up at his tormentors, and laughed*

Now you all will DIE, Every single one of you pitiful fools. I AM THE DARK LORD OF THE SITH, YOU WILL NOT LEAVE HERE ALIVE!!!

*he laughs maniacally, and decends to the ground. Quakes and tremors can be felt, as the planet ripps itself apart. Amongst the molten explosions, he can be seen, laughing in his revenge, his final moment of glory.

And the Planet exploded.

The Dark Lord of the Sith, and everyone on the planet, was dead. In space the great fleets watching in horror, as the planet with thier esteemed leaders was on, went nova. On the Carrier of the Protoss Fleet, the beings rematerialized.*

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