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*deep in a mountain, on a distant planet, in the depths of the Unknown Region, mahcines buzzed and whirred. Life support systems kept an indevidual in a Bacta tank alive. it was human, and male, and floated lifelessly in the bacta.

the bacta started to drain, and the human opened his eyes, and and was briefly confused. He then remembered. The planet, the Force, those beings. he detached the breathing mask, the bacta low enough for him to safely breath. he held up his hand, and a blast of destructive Force energy melted through the container.

Now his revenge would be complete. Tehy all thought he was dead, even that minion of his. He laughed briefly, and reached for his cloathing. dressing, he walked to a table, which on it was a lightsaber. HIS lightsaber. He looked at the rest of the room. all the rest were in complete stasis. He smiled. He knew this trick would be valuable. The Emperoor taught it to him personally. Though the Force, and these clones, he would be immortal.

He walked down the catwalk, and boarded his shuttle. one of many. It took off gracefully, and he for Kuat. Through the Force, he felt his minion contact him..*

Grendal: "Cracken, your plans for domination of the protoss fleet will come full circle soon..."

Cracken: "Proceede as directed. I will be with you, young learner."
*He cut off, and smiled.

Arriving at Kuat, he found the great shipyard destroyed. Only a few minor shipyards remained, and those still standing were heavely damaged. construction driods worked to repair the damage. With Deac gone, and the valuble planet destroyed, the Shivans no longer had buisness in the galaxy, and left, never to return. All that was left in the conflict was the Zerg, and the Protoss. And him.

He moved his shuttle on an out bound flight path. His hidden fleet waited him. Entering hyperspace, his course was layd in for the Kharak system, an unknown small system, void of any habitable planets. There, lied his Eclipse Class Star Destroyer Bismark, and a full escort fleet. He knew his minion was headed to Aldderan, and he would move when he moved.

Leaveing Hyperspace, he saw his fleet undergoing adjustments for the eminant engagement with the Protoss. Soon.... Soon.. *

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