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It seems like so long ago now that I melded with the dying worm's heart to gain these powers...what have I become? Abomination? Warlord? Deathbringer? Tyrant? A god? a god...but an almost omnipitent man. The shivans have brought more than their Sathanas and their new, larger ships. The Shivan Mother Queen herself wishes to meet with me. It will be a metting of destroyers...on dark, one light. My enemies belive themselves powerful, but they cannot be for long. My forces are ones of endurance...rightteousness. The empire is one based on fascism and slavery. The New Republic fully supports me...but even now...where did I come from? Yes...a planet far away named Earth. I had a small country...Deacland...yes...where has all the time gone?

*The door opens. A huge dark being, flanked by her Shivans, enters. The Mother Queen.*

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