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Several days have passed. The Psionic Entities and the Protoss were well known for their patience, they still waited for Lord Cracken's return knowing that he would never give up even if he had to die for his evil cause. The Psionic Entities were obliged in being impressed that a single lifeform could contain such a great amount of Psionic Melding, Lord Cracken should have normally implosed a long time ago due to the intensity of the force he contained but this didn't happen and the Entities failed to comprehend why.

"This being is different from the others that use our excess Psionic Melding. He shouldn't be able to contain this Psionic Melding he holds but it is not so...Why? What is hidden whitin this being? And This Deac is also interesting he has such power but contrary to Lord Cracken he does not depend on the Psionic Melding to be strong."

Meanwhile back in the orbit of Aqualox, after many intense non stop days of Bio-Mechanical-Surgery, insomnia and desesperation the mysterious proffesor surrounded by hundreds of his assistants is about to finish what he had begun.

Unknown proffesor: "All that is left is the insertion of the Ghost in the Shell and he shall be reborn.."

Unknown: "Be careful proffesor, remember that we have detected unknow energy source highly concentrated within the Ghost itself. Probabilities indicate that it has a 65.678 % risk of releasing itself in a Super Omega Nova Blast that would cause the Destruction of this entire Galaxy thus causing an infinite exponentially rapide expanding unimaginable Galactic Blackhole that may render everything that exists to nothing at all in a very short amount of time, darkness for eternity. How can such force be contained in a little volume? This is unbelievable..."

Unknown proffesor: It is because it is unbelievable that we can take the risk my dear collegue. I am inserting the Ghost now.

As the Proffesor inserts the Ghost he starts pumping the Esper fluid within his creation, giving it life. Glittering a bright white gleam from his eyes and the central core located in his torso, where his Ghost was located. This Bright light was unexpected by the scientist and all execpt the proffesor started to have doubts on what they had accomplished. The Supreme Being rises:

Unknown proffesor: it's alive ! IT'S ALIVE ! MUAHAHAHAHAA !!! ALIVE !!!

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