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Professor! Scanners indicate that the energy the Ghost contained has immensly decreased! it seemed to have vanished!

No, no my dear collegue, he is simply hiding and containing it because he knows what havoc it can bring.

The Professor then turn towards the new being as it spots for the first time the face of it's creator:

"I am professor Dexter SteinFranken. You used to be a biological beeing like myself but something destroyed you and an unknown force brought what remained of you to us, do you know who you are?"

The Cyborg looks and studies himself, pauses and then silently speaks with a deep and dark voice:

"My body...where is it ? Who am I ? WHO AM I !????!!"

The shock wave of his scream caused an earthquake level 7 in RichterScale causing severe damage to the laboratory and injuring the scientists.
The Cyborg realize what happens and after order was restored professor SteinFranken tries to calm down the Cyborg:

"We understand that you are lost but we cannot help you. When you came to us you were already dead ! We chose to give you a second life because we knew you were important, so musch energy was being releasing from your corps. It was your Ghost, it refused to leave your body, we recuperated it and gave you a second chance."

"Tell me, how much of my body is biological ?"

"Only 11% of your burnt corps came to us. We used a unique unburnt muscle tissue to determine your DNA and with that information we "cloned" your brain. We also integrated an artificial nervous systeme that you can choose to put offline whenever you wish."

"So nothing in me is really reel? Tell me more !"

"You will now everything about yourself by accessing your central core chip computer. You can also access everything that is technological. You may find your new body tricky to manipulate at first but you'll get the hang of it"

After this was said, The Cyborg enters in some sort of meditation as he visualises the information he holds.

"A question is left unanswered, who am I ? And What is this energy I feel within me?"

"That my dear friend, we cannot answer. All we know is that it is that energy that saved you and brought you here and gives you such power..."

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