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*Cracken sat in the Captains chair on the Bismark, silent and brooding. His new Admiral walked up.*

Tojo:Sir, final preparations and out fits are complete. The Clone Troopers have been trained with these new weapons, and are stationed on all commands. Ysalimari are inplace, and we should have no teleporting... pests on our ships. Your orders?

*Cracken was silent, lost in thought....*

Tojo: sir?

*cracken looked up*
Cracken: I will tell you when i am ready, now, leave me in peace.

Tojo: yes my lord.

*Cracken went back into thought. he rememberd the first time he encountered the Protoss, on the outskirts of the Unknown region. How vicous they were. merceless in there destruction..... he was a small bow on a secret Imperial Colony when they came... and killed his parents. everyone he knew, every one they loved.... they would pay... all of them. Every single one of them!*

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