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*Deep within the bowels of the Bismark , Cracken moved his hand over a control panel. The doors open, and revealed the ultimate destroyer.

An Evangelion. standing at about 1000 ft tall, the behemoth stood in wait. an officer came up to him.*
Sir, should we pre...

Cracken: ...pare the entry plug? yes. I assume the S^2 Engine is operational.

yessir. It sustained no damage in the last sortie.

Cracken: good.

*Cracken went to the lockerroom, and changed iinto the Nerv suit, and entered his plug. His creation, his weapon. The plug inserted into the Eva's neck, and the nerve connection commenced. brilliant light surrouned the plug, and LCL filed the plug. When the view became clear, his sycnronization ratio was read to him. 399%. good. yess..... AT field was active, and ready. He moved the eva, gathering his pulse rifle, and enlarged lightsaber. The lightsaber went into the storage fin above the Eva's left soldier, and the pulse rifle slung onto the Eva's back. The Eva then reaced for his positron rifle, now pluged into the Eva's S^2 Engine plug.*

Comm:Sir, we are dropping out of lightspeed. Protoss home planet in sight.
Cracken:Open the Eva hanger.

*warning klaxxons went off, and Eva's Wings of Light appeared. The hanger opened, and Eva jetted to the Protoss homeworld. A carrier came to inspect, but Cracken knew it. The Eva raised it's hand at the carrier, palm open, and fired, THROUGH THE FORCE, a destructive blast, destroying the carrier.

Evangelion was not only an extension of him, but an extension of his powers though the Force, amplified.

Eva fell to the planet, gracefully landing outside the main city. He leveled the positron rifle, and fired. The blast ripped the city apart. again, and again he fired, destroying the fragile protoss on thier home planet. Probes raced to warp in new shield generators, but it was to late. The Bismark already was pointed toward the planet, it's main superlaser doors opened, and it fired.

The planet exploded violently, and amongst the chared remains in space, Eva stood.

Undamaged. It flew back to the Eva Hanger, and docked. Here, Cracken would stay. The Fleet hypered to Sol, the new Imperial outpost. He knew that bait would lure Deac out into the open.

Arriving, he flew from the hanger, and one by one, destroyed his ships with the Eva.*

((OOS: An Evangelion IS hard to destroy. Since this assumes the Evangelion has awakeend, Evangelion can regenerate all it's parts from nothing, and has a Strong AT field, which nulifies all weapons thrown at it. Even a planet exploding cannot harm it, esp. with Cracken's Sync ratio so high. (399%, max 400% before you meld with Eva.))

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