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"Great Executor! The Empire has Destroyed planet Stanun XIX, one of our outer satellite planets, all that were responsable to survey this zone have joined the Psionic melding. Observers report use of new Empire robot technology equiped with AT field"

"So they have discovered the AT field, one of the first steps towards our Plasma Shields. This Lord Cracken has grown stronger and it seems that The Protoss, our Perfect beings, are not as perfect as we predicted they would be... Fleet Executor, proceed to the initial strike plan and head towards the Empire fleet Nav point, eliminate the ennemi. For Adun!"

"This will be the perfect ultimate test for the Protoss. But what troubles me most is this great energy mass, can it really be Zassek?"

Meanwhile back in The Space Laboratory in an other Galaxy, the Cyborg continues to study himself and tries to find answers deep inside his ghost but all is hazy. He then asks Professor SteinFrank why he is equipped like a war machine.

"These were the orders of our Great and Noble Savior Lord Deac"

When the Name Deac is pronouced everybody bows down and the Cyborg fails to compute what's with this Deac.

"Who is Deac ?"

Everybody bowns down again

"He is the one who will rid the Galaxy of the Evil Emperor Cracken."

Once the Name Cracken is said the Cyborg seems to spark from the inside.

]"That name! I know that name !! I know he is evil ! but why?"

"Lord Deac..." Everbody bows down "...has called upon his finest men to participate in the ulimate battle that will destroy the Emperor once and for all. We are his finest scientist, we are not warriors, so we have created you the way you are so you can be a great aid to lord Deac..." Everybody bows down once more "...He told us you would know how to take the right decision, he also said that he knows you and is responsible for the energy that is within you. Now you must go and Join Lord Deac" Every bows down, again.

"Lord Deac..." All bow down "... I have this feeling inside my Ghost that I know him and I can trust him, I don't know why but I can feel his energy... He awaits me, I shall go! Thank you Professor SteinFrank, thank you for everything."

The Cyborg Blasts out of the Space Laboratory and heads towards Deac's location, in an other Galaxy. The Cyborgs speed being exponentially faster than the speed of Xestwiq (Xestwiq is a still undiscovered plasma that travels so fast that speed of light is like Snail Speed and considered REALLY slow) he already reaches the targeted Galaxy. On his way he encounters Lord Cracken's fleet and flies right through several Destroyers including the Bismark causing them to desintegrate into uncountable tiny invisible dust. The EVA incredibly survived such blow. The Cyborg knew it was Cracken's fleet, he also felt Cracken but he was patient and he new the proper time would come. The Cyborg slows down and approaches Deac.

"Lord Deac, Professor Dexter SteinFrank has sent me to you. I don't know why but I know I know you from an other life, before I biologicaly died. All is not clear in my Ghost, I spot hazy image flashes of my now inexistant bio life. Tell me Who are you? Why do I feel I know you? Who is this Cracken whom I know is evil and cannot help but think is responsable for my biological death? And Above all, Who am I ?"

((OOS: BTW Deac, let me remind you: the Cyborg is Zassek the Fremen Leader. But you can choose not to tell him at first, you are free to decide))

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