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*The Eva came at the first carrier, leveled it's rife, and fired. 180 Gigawatts of energy rushed at the helpless carrier, the blast deflectied, but the carrier's shields were no more.
The Eva closed in, and at point blank, fired the rifle again. The Carrier distintigrated into nothing, the blast ripping it apart.
Small interceptors swirled around it, their shots bouncing of the Eva's now impenitrable AT field. Eva outstreched it's hands, and a brilliant white light hit all the small snub fighters. Thier minds, raped and left to nothing.
The power of God.
One by one, Eva mercelislly destroyed them. Another carrier. Eva outstreched it's AT field, and the carrier rammed into it, exploding brilliantly.

And so it went. for hours, waves of Protoss came at Evangelion, only to be destroyed.

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