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"Why does this primitive AT field resist us? give me Observer report"

No Observer survived long enough to do a complete scan on the EVA. the only Information that the Fleet Executor had was that the AT field seemed to be infinitly amplified.

"How can this be?"

Suddenly the two Psionic Meldings simutaniously speak in the surviving Protoss minds and all those who have not yet participated in the battle.

"Enough! To many have joined the Psionic Melding, us, already. WE the Dark and Light Psionic Melding, creators of the Protoss, order the Protoss to cease the attack. You have failed your ultimate test to acheive perfect beingness. Can you not see that the EVA and Emperor are only one? His Psionic force is part of the AT field, this as you know it is the secret behind our plasma shield but contrary to us he as used 200% of his Psionic force thus ending his physical existance. This renders him almost invincible, but he is nothing compared to us, the source of his power is us the Psionic Melding, what they call the "force". Without us this mortal is nothing and compared to us he is nothing, just an other apportunist of our exces Psionic Melding. Protoss, you have failed to call upon the inner Psionic Melding we have given you and only saw power through weaponry, you have deceaved us. Once you learn to harness the Melding every single one of you can destroy this emperor with a simple thought but you have yet to learn before this is possible. We, your creators, ask you to stop the strike and observe this Deac and reborn Zassek who know how to harness our Psionic Melding, watch and learn Protoss, watch and learn, it will be your last lesson..."

The Voices fade away and the Protoss, ashamed, silently observe the scene telepathically.

Zassek is along side Lord Angel Deac. And stands back, knowing that he should not disturb the duel between the Lord Angel and the Lord Devil. The Eva slashes Deac who didn't evade because he knew he had nothing to fear from the EVA. Deac is injured but this means nothing. Zassek detects the injury and casts a level 3 minor heal, it is as the gash never existed...

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