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*Eva reeled, and screamed in pain, it's flesh underneath it's armor burning. Suddenly, the Eva fell silent, it's limp body crashing to the floor.

it twitched. again, more rapidly, suddenly, It's AT fieled expanded rapidly, crushing all but Deac and Zassek, who were barely able to stand against it's force. Suddenly, it's eyes lit up once again, and it roared with fury. The Eva jumped, and landed in a crouched position, much like a turtle. It suddenly sprag at Zassek, and began devouring him. And arm thrown off, a leg bitten and chewed. It clawed at it's Zassek's face, ripping what remained of the flesh off, and begain destroying it's computer brain. it took what remained of it's head, and broke it on it's knee, it stood, and roared with fury and pain!

((OOS: Watch episode 20 of Neon Genesis Evangelion. An Eva Beserk is an unstoppable force... even without exaggeration.))

Deac took advantage, and cut it's arm off! Eva screamed, and pushed it's AT field against Deac, who was trying to regain balance after his quick move. He was flung far, and landed witha sickening crunch.

Eva cluched it's now severed arm, and went to a ruined protoss carrier. It stripped a long, arm length strip of metal, and put it into it;s shoulder socket, it hanging. Amazingly, Eva's body began forming around it, using the metal as skeletal structure. A few seconds, and a new arm was fully formed.

Eva eyed his target, which was getting up from the blow.*

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