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A Whole Big Mess-Bookshops and Hangars on Coruscant-(formerly known as "new rpg")

<hey i dont care who rpg's here.. in fact the more the merrier any one is welcome!! but try to keep the character count down to a reasonable number kewl okei>

<hey i decided to add a few rules to clear up further confusion so.. here they are..1. DO NOT controll other peoples characters~ ie: do not make characters that are not yours do something, such as speaking, moving, or dying, the creator of the character should be the only person controlling that character unless they give permission to do otherwise.

2. Write in COMPLETE or at least understandable sentences and in proper RPG format~ ie: put * * or (( )) around narrations, something to let people know that it is a narration, and please use complete sentences unless an incomplete sentence is appropriate. ie: *Walks away*. The post must also be legible and comprehensible to prevent confusion.

3. DO NOT interupt an RPG~ ie: before joining an rpg try to read the story so far and wait for an opening in the story that allows for a character to make an entrance without disrupting the story line.

4. Be polite~ ie: respect your fellow writers and RPG'ers.

If you do not like these rules you do not have to follow them but please do not continue to post replies to this thread if that is the case. Any posts contravening the rules will either be ignored or deleted.

Furthermore never panic, and always have a towel, or your head will promptly be fed to the Bugblatter Beast of Traal. lol Have Fun>

( okei just a little back ground info on this char cause ive never used her before.... She is commonly mistaken for a guy, her first name is Ariel, but she goes by her last name- Gehn..and Artemis is her pet, although i dont think n e body would want to pet that ugly thing lol .. oh yeah and she has a lightsaber and knows how to use one, but she is not a jedi. ill reveal more as the rpg progresses.. but i thought this might clear up some stuff 'fore it happens .. okei.. )

( i think this takes place corruscant)

*Gehn pulled at the cloth that covered her face as she stepped out of the dirty small arms shop. She fumbled with the crate as stepped into the crowd of moving bodies the loose solder coils and power packs jingling about inside the box. Gehn manuvered through the seething mass of people doing her best to maintain a grip on the crate. Soon she escaped the tangle of bodies and appendages,and she slipped through the small door and into the docking bay*

[Gehn] *whistles* Artemis, come on artemis I got you something to snack on. Artemis?. Artemis come here *whistles*

*Growls can be heard coming from inside her ship*

*threatens you with his belt buckle*

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