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Zassek hears the echoes of Lord Angel Deac's taunts. Using the super computer that is within him he calculates the dimensions echoe resonance factor. Once this is done Zassek proceeds in a playback of the echo he heard and mesures it's intensity in Decibels. Using andvance Quantum Physics Calcus and yet undiscovered theories of "Sound travel in the 5th dimension", theories he has just finished researching on and mastered, he determines Deac's exact position.

Zassek hurries and heads towards Deac. He notices that has 12.56382% of his speed which is caused by the Dimension ackward Gravitational laws.

On his way Zassek discovers new Scientific theories in which this dimension functions, theories that are completely absurd and preposterious in the dimension he is used to. For instance, an object falling downwords will not accelerate and keep the same direction, It can accelerate but afterwords it can slow down or just stop and all of this while it follows an undetermined course, zigzaging from one spot to an other. Zassek solves this crazy phenomenom by calculating that in this dimension their are several gravitational centres, not only one. This peculiarity makes it, of course, very difficult to travel but Zassek quickly adapts by predicting the the course he is suppose to follow because of the dimentional law and by countering it with the proper mouvements. He then puts his researches in automatic mode once he spots Lord Deac and notices that he has also adapted with this dimension...

"At last I find you Lord Deac. I cannot seem to detect the Evil Cracken, Energy flow is inexistant in this dimension. Tell me, since Energy is inexistant, can you use the Force in here?"

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