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*A tall dark figure in a long coat waiting outside the hangar watched as Gehn chased the little space creature out the door. As soon as she turned the corner the figure began to walk towards the hangar, two other tall dark figures emerged from the crowd and jumped in a small speeder nearby. The first figure pulled out a strange looking box from underneath his coat and tossed it into the hangar before hopping into the speeder as well and flying away*

*Gehn having caught up with the little creature walked back into the hangar to see a small box lying on the ground beside her ship. Ariel retrieved the box and held it up for a closer look discovering that the box had no opening!*

[Gehn]: hmm? thats strange

*Ariel tossed the box into the crate of miscellanious blaster parts and slid it into her ship, then proceeded to close the hatch*

[Gehn]: I'm kinda hungry, whaddya say we go somethin to eat Artemis?

*The little creature answered by letting out a low squeeking sound. Ariel and Artemis left the hangar and made their way to the nearest diner and sat down at a booth*

*In the crate the small box began to vibrate, there was a faint beep and the vibrating stopped*

*The diner shook with the sudden explosion that sent debris flying in every possible direction surprising Ariel and Artemis*

[Gehn]: What was that!?

*threatens you with his belt buckle*

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