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Post The Cantina Six: Return of the Dead Guy

You all know the rules, new players welcome, yadda yadda.

Last time on "The Cantina": "Deac! NOOOO! Muhahaha! I'm Cracken Reborn and you all will die!" "Deac Starkiller! I need your help!"

*A cowled figure sits in the cantina, sipping a Terkiom Electrode, a drink that would normally give humans horrible electric shocks. He notices the gargoyle enter.*

Scanning Memory: Subject-Termand friend.

The Deac Starkiller you will remember is gone....

*The figure removes his cowl. A scarred, cybernetics covered section is shown, but the rest of the face has been reconstructed with synthflesh. It is unmistakably-

Deac Starkiller* [Bet you saw this coming, huh?]

Rwos...I'm sorry you thought I was dead. But I was recovered by scavengers after the battle, and taken to a cybernetic reconstruction lab. Then I came here. I heard the news, but it's not all bad.
I can still use the force.

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